Bang Bus – Izzy Rae – 18 Year Old Size Queen

Bang Bus – Izzy Rae – 18 Year Old Size Queen

Izzy Rae – 18 Year Old Size Queen
Released: July 10, 2024

Izzy Rae was walking to meet her friend when the famous bus stopped next to her. They were doing a podcast. They gave her $100 for her time. They bought her underwear for $500. If she wanted to make more money she would have to get on the bus. She did want more money. $1500 to see her pussy. $500 for her to be topless. Meanwhile Rocket Powers got naked out of solidarity. Izzy was a size queen. Rocket had size. A perfect fit. She sucked his dick. They fucked while the bus drove on the bumpy roads of Miami. They did all kinds of positions. Mainly those with deep penetration. After a long time Rocket came into her mouth and on her chin. They were in a hurry so they dropped her off wherever they were and sped off into the sunset.

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